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Furthering Solidity & Containment Training Year


Lecture Content

Working With Trauma – Revised: Working with Trauma Revised PSEN US 2016-17

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness: The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

The Hysteric Character – Nancy McWilliams: The Hysterical Character Structure – McWilliams

The Anatomy of Emotion – Surprise & Startle: Anatomy of Emotion – Surprise & Startle

Entering A Transformative Process: Entering a Transformative Process


Jesus Incognito – by Alison Luterman

Have compassion for everyone you meet – by Miller Williams


The Anatomy of Emotion – Working with FEAR: anatomy-of-emotion-fear-dec-2016

The Hysteric Character – Book notes by MM from Christopher Bollas: the-hysteric-character-doc


The Five Hindrances To Mindfulness Practice: the-five-hindrances-in-mindfulness-practice

A Ritual To Read To One Another – a poem by William Stafford: a-ritual-to-read-to-each-other

Working with Body Symptoms in Process Work: Working with Body Symptoms in Process Work

Reading Assignments

You will be provided with reading suggestions from the four fundamental texts for this year.

Other Resources

This may include video files, links to websites, and anything else we come across during the year that will once again support your practice and deepen your learning.

Audio Files

This section holds all of the audio recordings for each of the training weeks, including the meditations and the lectures.

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