What is PsychoEnergetics?

PsychoEnergetics is a multidisciplinary, body-mind approach to understanding and applying depth psychology to a particular style of process facilitation. Our methods support a deepening and awakening process through the ’embodied and mindful presence’ of the practitioner – which accelerates and amplifies the practitioner’s professional development, as well as their client’s personal healing and growth – which leads to significant, meaningful and sustainable transformation work.

Our PSEN Training

For our purposes, ‘depth psychology’ refers to an exploration of the depths of the human psyche. Our approaches to deepening explore the subtle and unconscious aspects of the psyche that underlie our basic human yearnings, conflicts, contradictions and dilemmas.

We also enter the deeper territory of the psyche through our lens of studying certain character styles and structures, which provides practitioners with particular ways of orienting their minds and bodies towards clients in ways that access their healing pathways and growth potential.

What is Unique About Our PSEN Training Programs

  • We place an emphasis on cultivating and making use of the Embodied Presence of the practitioner to support their dynamic facilitation of depth processes.
  • We also place an emphasis on the practitioner’s ability to receptively follow a depth process as it unfolds, as well as having the ability to actively further a process to go deeper that is not yet unfolding.
  • We provide practitioners with rich, practical and relevant learning content to better understand the human psyche, and the relationship between conscious and unconscious processes.
  • We provide practitioners with a safe, engaging and dynamic learning environment, a sense of community that has been described by our trainees as ‘wise, real and a lot of fun!’
  • We offer practitioners an inviting space to further embrace their own humanity, by accepting the conflicts, contradictions and dilemmas we all share, and allows us to become the human beings that we are.


Our PSEN training is designed for professionals in the field of psychotherapy and/or other helping professions. Our PSEN Training Program teaches body-mind practitioners methods by which they can access deeper levels of the psyche in their individual work with others. We also accept into our training program qualified individuals who desire to join us for their personal as well as professional development, and who have a particular desire to learn the specific skills we offer.

About The Terminology of ‘PsychoEnergetics’

Psyche is a direct reference to both the conscious and unconscious depths of the interior life of the human psyche.  It can also be understood as a kind of intelligence of the ‘soul‘.  This psychic energy permeates the body as well as the mind, and goes beyond one’s conscious awareness. Psyche refers to all the essential components of consciousness that constitute and evolve a human being.


“Becoming an embodied and mindful presence.”

We incorporate process teachings and tools from various clinical and spiritual disciplines: Jungian Psychology, Buddhist Mindfulness Practices; Character Analysis; Affect Theory; the Hindu Human Energy System; Kundalini Breathing; and BioEnergetics exercises.

Energetics refers to vital ‘life force energies‘ found in all living beings. This vital energy is part of our conscious and unconscious lives.  It is felt and expressed through our sensate, subjectively lived experiences.  This lived experience deeply informs and influences our consciousness, and supports the awakening process.

PsychoEnergetic Work addresses the inter-subjectivity between our lived experiences and our current state of consciousness.  This working process is in direct contrast to simply studying and acquiring knowledge through information that is strictly theoretical, conceptual, or from more abstract sources.