A New PSEN Training Year

Working With Transformational Forces

“It’s a joy to be hidden, and a disaster not to be found.”

– Donald Winnicott

“Characterological forces contain a constant, living tension between unconscious restraint of self and others on the one hand and the spirit of unconscious communication on the other, which seeks to permeate the mental lives of one another, hoping to make their mark, come to be understood, and thereby find new freedoms of experience and expression.”

– Bill Cornell

Working With
Transformational Forces:

Engaging Eros, Aggression & The Human Idiom

In Service Of Aliveness & Vitality

The view from outside our training room on the Costa Brava in Spain.

Our practice with and experience of depth work informs us that it is the unconscious forces of our character that thwart our conscious ‘best efforts’ to change, heal or grow.  These nonverbal forces are often an unconscious form of communcation to others.  

This training year helps practitioners better understand and appreciate ‘what it takes’ to get below the surface of the ego’s conscious efforts to maintain itself, and to enter to the realm of rich potential in the unconscious – the ‘not-yet-known’.


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