Sample PSEN Lectures

These are samples of our lectures from our PsychoEnergetics Training Program days.  You can either listen to them, or download a written lecture.  They have been taken from our typical Characterology, Anatomy of Emotion, or Process Teaching segments.


Approaching Fear in Process Facilitationby Michael Mervosh.  English only.

Understanding the Hysteric Character Structure – by Michael Mervosh.  English only.

Working with Aggression – The Continuum of Destructive & Creative Impulsesby Michael Mervosh.  English only.

The Psychopathic Character’s Issues with Vulnerability & Vitality – by Michael Mervosh.  English only.

Jealousy, Envy, Greed & Gratitudeby Michael Mervosh.  English only.


The Anatomy of Fear – December 2016 –  US Training Group – Michael Mervosh: anatomy-of-emotion-fear-dec-2016 

 The Five Hindrance in Mindfulness Practice –  US Training Group – Irene Tobler: the-five-hindrances-in-mindfulness-practice

Working with the First Chakra: The Necessity of Accepting Our Limitationsby Irene Tobler & Michael Mervosh: First Chakra – Accepting Limitations

The Importance of Disappointment – Michael Mervosh: The Importance of Disappointment – Sept 2015