Breakdown vs Breakthrough  Amsterdam – May 2024

Working with Depth, Vulnerability,

& Risk In Reclaiming Our Unlived Lives

 A Three-Day Intensive

PSEN Workshop in

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

May 24th-26th, 2024

Presented by Irene Tobler & Michael Mervosh

 Co-founders of PsychoEnergetics Training Program

This workshop is intended for psychotherapists, and practitioners working in service of the healing of others.

It is also useful for those particular people who have a keen interest in their own inner process and in learning how to be with another in times of crisis or difficulty. 

Workshop conducted in English.

Registration & Contact

Nynke Sikkema

[email protected] 

Anne-Marie Delfgaauw

[email protected] 


From Friday May 24th at 10.00 am

To Sunday May 26th at 4.00 pm

Workshop Fee

420€ – for registrations before April 24th

450€ – for registrations after April 24th

PSEN Training Year past & present students:

360€– for registrations before April 24th

450€ – for registrations after April 24th 

In order to register participants shall send a 200€ deposit. Deposits are non refundable.

The workshop fee does not include food & lodging. 

Workshop Venue


PSEN work addresses ‘what it requires of us’ to be alive as a human being in challenging times.  We do this by actively working with transformational processes and unconscious forces at play in our interior worlds.

One aspect of what it takes to be more fully alive is confronting our fears of breaking down in order to gain new abilities to break through into experiences which are novel and growth-producing.

One of the deepest fears we carry about ourselves in times like these is that we won’t survive living into an uncertain future, as we will have to face aspects of ourselves that have gone unlived until now.

The two essential questions to be explored when working with breaking down vs breaking through are:

  • How do we come to understand an ‘unlived past’ that is continuously re-enacted in our present-day experiences?

  • How do we then project fears of breaking down into an endlessly awaiting future?

Many of us have been feeling ‘at an edge or at a breaking point’.  We carry concerns about being able to handle the profound disruptions taking place in our personal and collective worlds.  It is harder and harder to avoid the harsh realities of an uncertain and foreboding future for us all.

Many of us have had to struggle with disorientation, anxiety, and despair as we feel the loss of stability, goodness and wholeness in our families, institutions, economies and ecologies.

Those of us who do depth work with clients have seen increasing experiences of emotional turmoil on the brink of collapse.  How to best work with these processes in others, while being at risk to our own experiences of coming undone?

  • This workshop will address understanding and practicing what it takes to be able to provide containment and facilitation to those who are facing a ‘transformational opportunity’ – breaking down vs breaking through.

 At any crisis point there is a real possibility of breaking down and losing one’s ability to function, yet there can also be an opportunity to break through into a completely new ways of thinking, experiencing, and engaging with life. 

This type of work requires a practitioner to face their own vulnerabilities in order to provide the depth of containment and presence required to see through an ‘unbearable moment’ with another human being – not avoid it and not push through or foreclose it.

During our three-day, experiential workshop we will: 

    • Learn how to examine and reflect upon our own experiences of breakdown, understand the particularly acute nature of pain it caused for us, and how it allowed us to mature and grow in our own developmental processes.
    • Understand that our greatest fear of breaking down, that generates the most catastrophic thinking we have, is rooted in a breakdown that has already happened, but may not have been consciously experienced. 
    • Recognize that we all have a universal need to reclaim, or claim for the first time, what we have not yet been able to live, in order to become the person we have the potential to be. 
    • Appreciate that what we cannot process, is a prior experience of breakdown without an active witness capable of being in it with us and processing it with and for us.

        About PSEN Depth Work For Practitioners:

        Living systems need to be disturbed in order to grounded and enlivened enough to change.  Disturbance comes through the ability of the individual to feel and think differently from others, and differently than their own fixed ideas and rigidified beliefs. As a practitioner, the ability to be a grounded support, and yet also a disturbing force for another, provides our clients with the following:  

        • A sense of being seen and directly engaged where they currently are, while at the same time being challenged to take worthwhile risks and lean into new potentials, in ways that are unlikely to come from within themselves.
        • Introductions to and demonstration sessions of various methodologies of PsychoEnergetics process facilitation – our uniquely crafted body-mind approach to in depth psychological work .
        • An approach to and in-depth exploration of our fundamental need as human beings to grow beyond our limited sense of being, and through passionate encounters, to reconnect to a zest for life that can renew us, and move us forward.
        • An opportunity to engage practitioners in the depths of their own psyches while having a felt sense of a lived energy through sensations in the body, in order to better support their clients in becoming more whole and alive.


        Receive opportunities to practice our PSEN Body-Mind approach through:

        •  Fundamental Embodiment Practices
        •  Guided Mindfulness Meditations
        • ‘Actively Presencing’ one’s Body and Mind 
        • Depth & Process Facilitation

        Michael Mervosh

        Licensed Psychologist

          Michael is a licensed clinical psychologist with MGM PsychologicalAssociates in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.  He has been devoted to full-time private practice, providing intensive individual and group psychotherapy for 25 years as a Gestalt and Object Relations trained psychotherapist, who utilizes a body- oriented as well as Jungian influenced approach to working with his clients. He is the co-founder and a primary instructor of PsychoEnergetics Training, a four-year depth and process facilitation training program and community-oriented learning group.  PSEN Training is offered in the United States and Europe, with 50 students in each training year.  It has been in existence since 2006. For more information about Michael’s work, go to

        Irene Tobler

        Irene Tobler, alongside with Michael Mervosh is the co-founder of the PSEN Training, which originated in 2006. She teaches methods of process facilitation grounded in one’s embodiment and mindful awareness of the “Here and Now” in the therapeutic relationship. Irene Tobler is a body-oriented therapist, group leader and PSEN trainer. She is also a licensed naturopath, certified homoeopath and Brennan Healer. In her private practice since 1990, in Switzerland and internationally, Irene had the opportunity to gather extensive clinical experience working with clients from many different cultural and language backgrounds. Irene has been teaching workshops and training internationally since 1998. She has also been co-leading the Hero’s journey for Women in the USA ( since its beginnings, facilitating deep encounters with one’s interior through the elements of nature and community. Irene has a deep passion for the Journey of Awakening and the depth of the psyche, and she has been deeply involved in mindfulness-based Buddhist practices and yoga since 1980.

        “We are very excited to return to Amsterdam for this intensive PSEN Workshop.  We are eager to bring these dynamic concepts forward as living experiences that enhance all those who participate wholeheartedly – and in ways that can move our lives forward, in ways that matter deeply to us.”