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A Body-Mind Approach to Depth Work & Process Facilitation Since 2004.

What Is PsychoEnergetics?

PSEN combines a study of the ‘psyche’ and its depths, with a study of the body’s ‘energy’ and intelligence.

Practicing depth work and process facilitation, we use the practitioner’s enlivened and engaged body and mind to assist the client with their own growth and development.

Our training programs in the US and Europe create a dynamic and empowering support environment that values true wisdom, authenticity as human beings, and makes learning together genuine, worthwhile and fun.

The Value of Depth Work.

One of the more complex and challenging dilemmas of being human is that we cannot solve our current problems from the same level of conscious that created them in the first place.  But this doesn’t stop us from trying.  Depth work is intended to shift one’s point of view and level of awareness beyond the current lens we typically use to perceive our lives.   It requires a more ‘non-linear’ approach, one where we drop further into our interior spaces, using the felt sense of our bodies to open our minds to places we have yet to see clearly, or at all.   




These teachings are at the center of our PSEN Depth Work.  They show us how to facilitate the process of awakening, and to become more aware of ourselves and our world.


Our core values reflect the aspects which deepen our capacity to become more functional and more compassionate human beings.

The Art of Process Facilitation.

As process facilitators, we track and follow a process that is unfolding over time, before we make any attempts to intervene upon it.  We do not direct or take over another’s experience, but instead, we profoundly accompany another to where they are, especially where they cannot accept themselves or their reality.  

We also help to guide people to go where they have not yet gone, to where they have been unable or unwilling to go, without forcing them to do so, and without allowing them to remain the same – that is the art of facilitation.

PSEN US Training Group Space





Embodiment As a Felt Exchange 

Dissolving the boundary between our sense of self & our sense of time.

Working With Our  Character Styles

Learning what it takes to examine our character make up closely enough to begin to re-shape it.

Introduction To the Depressive Character

An overview of understanding and working with the healing tasks for this particular character.


The Feeling The Body As A Resonator

Deepening into a felt sense of the body as a vibratory instrument capable of a felt exchange with the world. (20 minutes)

Four Steps For Deepening Process

Making the necessary internal space to deepen into one’s interior – through embodiment and encountering the unknown. (14 minutes)

Introduction To Trans – Generational Haunting

Provides a basic understanding of how trauma is unconsciously passed down from one generation to another, and how to heal it.




PSEN US Training Group


Why People Pursue Learning in Training Groups

MOST PEOPLE LEARN BEST IN GROUPS.  They can learn to see themselves better through the eyes and care of attentive others, people who are active witnesses, willing to accompany a person where ever they need to go, without being attached to any particular outcomes.  

Most people will initially find groups to feel rather threatening to one’s sense of self.  However, in the end, it is through the very presence of the group that one can learn to shape their identity and strengthen their sense of self, in new and larger ways – that are simply not possible in one-to one settings.

Once trainees in groups begin to form attachments with one another, they become better able to learn and better able to love, because of the collective care that comes towards them, from the embodied presence of the group.  

In our group trainings, we are always asking the question, “What can happen here, that is unlikely to happen anywhere else in your life right now?”   This becomes a guiding and highly informative question to uphold in each of our training days.


The Current PSEN US Training Staff

Michael Mervosh is a co-founder of PSEN Training. He is a licensed psychologist and clinical psychotherapy who has been in private practice, serving both individuals and groups, for the past 27 years.  He has taught PSEN Workshops throughout Europe & the US for the past 15 years

His ptactice is in the Nuin Center, in the Highland Park neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA.


PSEN US Training Group Leader 





Jimena has been with the PsychoEnergetics staff since 2011.  As part of the organizational team, Jimena enjoys being your primary contact person for PsychoEnergetics Training in the United States.

Her background as a physician and a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing have shaped her commitment to deepening her own self-awareness, and have deeply informed her way of working with clients.  She continues to strive towards integrating the various aspects of the human consciousness system.

Jimena is passionate about the joy, vitality and freedom inherent in accepting her own humanity and vulnerability; her current path of learning is devoted to the importance of laughter, and taking herself less seriously.

Josef was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela; he currently resides in Miami, FL. He also trained in PsychoEnergetics in psychotherapeutic work and the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, where he was a faculty member.

Josef is also actively involved in the Hero’s Journey Foundation.  He serves as a board member and a group facilitator.  He is currently a faculty member of the PsychoEnergetics Training programs in Spain and the US.

Josef’s passion is to support and facilitate individuals and groups, to create an opportunity to experience a sense of wellness, full aliveness and empowerment.

                       Josef Beraha

                                                             PSEN TRAINING STAFF



“This is a sacred space filled with profound trust, integrity and holding….The kindness of participants and unwavering presence of the teaching team has opened me in places I expected the least.  It is worth every moment, every atom of energy and every penny. This is one of the biggest gifts you can give to yourself.”

– Katarina S., Belgrade, Serbia

* * * * * 

 This training helped me to grow bit by bit own my authentic power, becoming more of my true self in the softest and kindest way I could imagine. Being held in compassion and kindness in PSEN depth work was especially what I needed, and it is the reason why I could allow my self to learn and grow the way I did. I am extremely grateful to the team, to the work and my wonderful friends. We did it all together.

– Asli, A., Istanbul, Turkey

“PSEN has enriched my daily life as well my professional life! The feedback from the peers in my group touches my heart supports me in what I´m doing. I´m still feeling much more potential inside of me that is waiting for being discovered.

This change would not have been happened alone at home – the support and challenges of such an incredible group of people, of which I am part of, with all these cultural influences from different countries, has allowed my changes to happen!  My heart is full of gratitude.

 – Sonja S.  Munich, Germany

* * * * * 



“Becoming an Embodied & Active Presence.”

  • One of the key features of our clinical development is the ability to become enlivened and active witnesses to another person’s lived experiences.
  • Our ability to hold another person with our bodies and in our minds provides a very potent resource, one that can meet someone right where they are (Attunement), and also help guide them towards where they have yet to go (Differentiation).  
  • We practice felt exchanges with our clients (Present Moment Experiences), something more than just words – that opens a person up to new ways of seeing the world (Accepting What Is), and creates new possibilities for encounters that would simply not occur to them otherwise, on their own.


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