Reading Assignments

Openness, Surrender & Mystery Year – Audio Lectures

Week 3 Readings




  1. In an Unspoken Voice – Peter Levine 
  • Chapter 12: The Embodied Self – pages 271-304
  • Chapter 13 Emotion, The Body & Change – pages 305-346   
  1. Radical Wholeness –Philip Shepherd
    Chapter 8 – A Speleology of the Body’s Intelligence – pages 254-28
     –  Review Exercises – The Elevator, The Trickle Down Effect, The Smile

    PDF LINKS   

  1. Review McWilliam’s presentation on the Paranoid Character.
  2. Bill Cornell’s “Self-Examination in Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy – Chapter 8  Haunted– pages 111-124    

 5. Paranoia – Christopher Bollas, from Meaning & Melancholia – Life In The Age of Bewilderment   

6. Do Not Lose Heart – We Were Made For These Times – Clarissa Pinkola Estes    

7.  Screen Relations – Gillian Russell – Chapter 12 – To Be In The Presence of Someone

8.  Screen Relations – Gillian Russell – Chapter 4 – What Happens In The Consulting Room 

9.  Screen Relations – Gillian Russell – Chapter 8 – The Problem With Presence 

Reading Assignments

You will be provided with reading suggestions from the four fundamental texts for this year.

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