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Openness, Surrender & Mystery Year – Audio Lectures

This section holds all of the audio recordings for each of the training weeks, including the meditations and the lectures.  At times, we may also supplement other helpful audio recordings that will deepen your practice or your learning.

Week 2 Audio Files: Meditations & Lectures

Week 3 Audio Files: Meditations & Lectures

WEDNESDAY – Embodiment Practice Online – Things Have Changed – 18 minutes  

THURSDAY – Embodiment Practice – Dropping Into The Pelvic Floor – 13 minutes 

THURSDAY – The Paranoid Mind & Today’s Western Culture – Bollas – 26 minutes   

THURSDAY – 1st Consultation on the Paranoid Mind – 4 minutes

THURSDAY – 2nd Consultation on the Paranoid Mind – 18 minutes  

FRIDAY – The Time of the Corona Virus – David Brooks passage – 7 minutes 

FRIDAY – Embodiment Meditation – Making Internal Space To Let Go Into the Ground of Being – 18 minutes

FRIDAY – The Unconscious in Our Character – Calling A Tendency Into Question – 11 minutes 

SATURDAY – Embodiment Meditation – Meeting the Outer World With Our Inner World – 22 minutes 

SUNDAY – Embodiment Meditation – Softening & Surrendering Into the Body – with Rilke poem – 25 minutes


EXTRA OFFERING – On the Dissolution of the Horizon – Joseph Campbell passage 

Week 3 Audio Files: Mindfulness Meditations






Week 3 Audio Files: Lectures






Reading Assignments

You will be provided with reading suggestions from the four fundamental texts for this year.

Word Documents

This consists mostly of lectures, essays and poems, and perhaps an occasional article, that are sources used during the training weeks.

Other Resources

This may include video files, links to websites, and anything else we come across during the year that will once again support your practice and deepen your learning.

All content located in the Trainee Resource section of the PSEN Training website is for the exclusive use of our training students only; we do not provide access to this section for the general public.