Exploring Desire, Longing & Vulnerability

Working with Embodied Aggression and other Creative Encounters

A Three-Day Workshop in Amsterdam

May 19 – 21, 2017 

 presented by

Michael Mervosh and Irene Tobler

Co-founders of PsychoEnergetics Training Programs

 United States & Spain

Join us on an adventure of embracing our own humanity.  Encounter your innate vitality andincrease your capacity for pleasure through the practices of mindfulness, conscious embodiment and the energizing and dynamic tension between stability and disturbance.

This highly experiential workshop provides participants with an in-depth exploration of our fundamental need as human beings to grow beyond our limited sense of being, and to perhaps recover the zest for life we once embraced at an earlier point in our lives.

A basic premise when we perceive our own experience of human desire, is what we cannot experience positively, we will inevitably experience negatively. 

In this workshop we will provide participants with a deep understanding of the nature of desire as part of our aliveness, as well as the essential ingredient for moving our lives forward and living passionately.

  • We will explore our deeper sense of vulnerability, and appreciate how this is connected with both moving our desires into the world, as well as withholding from the world.
  • We will creatively work with exploring and understanding the function of sexual fantasiesas a blueprint for how we address the creative life within us and bring it to others.
  • Will we explore our own capacities to embody aggression, and move our bodies with forward-moving force towards and against others.
  • We will also develop the capacity to receive and withstand aggressive force coming from others. We will work with ‘against-ness’ as an enlivening function.

As a clinical practice, we will work with ‘Practitioner’s Mind’ in the following ways:

  • We will learn to understand crucial moments of encounters in process facilitation, and enter into them with more trust and confidence.
  • We will practice, by working ‘one way and then another’, towards establishing a tolerable and useful relationship to mobilizing anger in both body and mind.
  • We will explore the difference between life giving and empowering fantasies, and defensive, destructive and regressive fantasies – with both sexuality and aggression – learning how to move from the destructive to the creative.

Ultimately, we will provide opportunities to transcend old beliefs that shape our relationship to our desires and longings, and find ways to experience the potential for enlivening and the mutually shared pleasures of ‘life force in motion’.


About PsychoEnergetic Work


Throughout this particular workshop, participants will be introduced to various methodologies of PsychoEnergetics, our uniquely crafted body-mind approach to process work and depth facilitation.

PSEN work is designed to engage practitioners in the depths of their psyches through lived, energetic experiences in the body.

  • We deepen through embodiment experiential exercises, mindfulness meditations, ‘Presencing’ explorations and depth facilitation dyad sessions.
  • We will also explore ways to work directly with the Body Self of another, and learn how to intervene on the constraining nature of our limiting belief systems.
  • Most importantly, practitioners will have the opportunity to develop a sense of their own ‘embodied mindfulness’ as a healing presence.

This workshop is for professional practitioners and therapists from various healing modalities, as well as those with a sincere interest in furthering their own personal development.


Registration and Contact Person

Nynke Sikkema; [email protected]

Phone : 0031 6 51100942


The workshop is held in “De Ruimte” in the centre of Amsterdam.


For further information (only in Dutch): www.deruimteamsterdam.nl

Workshop Dates

May 19 to 21, 2017

Begins Friday, May 19 at 10.00am

Ends Sunday, May 21 by 4:00pm approximately

Workshop Cost

350€ (food and lodging not included)

Early bird discount: 30€ discount for registrations before February 15th

Special discounts for students enrolled in the PSEN Training and PSEN graduates (Early Bird does not apply)