Becoming an Embodied & Mindful Presence


A One Day Workshop in San Sebastián, Spain

December 1st, 2018

Presented by Veronica Lassus

PsychoEnergetics Training Faculty Member

Who is this Workshop for?

This workshop is for practitioners and therapists of various body and mind healing modalities.


And for anyone interested in deepening their own personal awareness of their presence, and ability to connect with others in a more embodied way, increase their sense of vitality and reduce anxious feelings.

Pincha aquí para acceder a la información del taller en castellano

Becoming an Embodied & Mindful Presence Workshop


Note: This workshop will be conducted in Spanish


During this one day experiential workshop we will be focusing on the three fundamental Core Values of our PsychoEnergetics Training: Embodiment, Mindfulness and Present Moment Experience.


  • This workshop is designed to help participants deepen their experience of themselves through mindfulness and heightened body awareness.
  • Experiencing ourselves as an embodied presence brings a deeper sense of aliveness, joy and satisfaction into our lives as we learn to live life from our center.
  • When we fail to do so, we find ourselves instead being taken by the ups and downs of emotional reactions shaped by our habitual thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
  • Through the practice of mindfulness we open to a certain kind of discernment which enables us to make space for accepting what is, as well as what has not yet happened. We come to realize that accepting our current reality is a prerequisite for change.
  • Through the lens of our present moment encounters with ourselves and others, we will explore more closely our desire to be more fully present, as well as our resistance to being more fully here.
  • We will have opportunities to appreciate the ways that our presence and our absence impact both the choices we make and our sense of well-being.

What is PsychoEnergetics?


PSEN is a multidisciplinary, body-mind approach to understanding and applying depth psychology to a particular style of process facilitation. Our methods support a deepening and awakening process through the ’embodied and mindful presence’ of the practitioner – which leads to significant, meaningful and sustainable transformation work.
PsychoEnergetics Training is a 4-year international program in Process Facilitation offered in the USA and Spain. In addition The PSEN Faculty offers introductory workshops in various sites worldwide. For more information about the PSEN Training please visit our website:


About PSEN Embodied Depth Work


  • PSEN depth work is designed to engage practitioners in the depths of their psychic orientations through lived experiences in the body.
  • We deepen through embodiment – through experiential exercises, mindfulness meditations, ‘presencing’ practices, and depth facilitation sessions.
  • We provide ways to work directly with the body self of another, and explore ways to intervene on the constraining nature of our limiting beliefs in the psyche.
  • Most importantly, practitioners are provided with opportunities to develop a sense of their own ’embodied mindfulness’ as a healing presence.

Workshop Location:


Antonio Mª Labaien 14, 1º E (Morlans)

San Sebastián, Spain

Workshop Date:

Saturday December 1st

9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Registration and Contact:

Veronica Lassus
+34 650508283

Workshop Cost:


45€ for PSEN students and graduates

Note: Lunch is not included

Verónica Lassus

This workshop will be facilitated by Veronica Lassus, Faculty member of the PsychoEnergetics Training Group in Spain.

Veronica is a trained Process Facilitator for individuals and groups and a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist.

She has a private practice as a body-oriented therapist in Barcelona.

She also holds a MSc in Economics and has worked several years for multinational corporations.

She currently is an Adjunct Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona, where she teaches Strategy with a conscious an ethical approach.

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