Cultivating Enlivened Presence Through Embodiment

A Three-Day Workshop in Rotterdam: June 22nd – 24th, 2018

Presented by Michael Mervosh and Irene Tobler

 Co-founders of PsychoEnergetics Training Programs.

Workshop Summary

In this workshop:

  • You will gain more clarity about what about deepest desires are ‘worth the struggle’.
  • Discern when struggles are simply distractions and avoidances from the real effort needed to bring ourselves more fully alive.

This workshop is for professional practitioners and therapists from various healing modalities.

We also accept applicants with a sincere interest in furthering their own personal development.

“Desire is the foundation for all (worthwhile) pursuits. It is the crucible within which the self is formed and transformed.” 
– Mark Epstein


This workshop will be conducted in English only.

  • Some assistance can be provided for those whose primary language is Dutch or Spanish.

This highly experiential workshop provides participants with an in-depth exploration of our fundamental need as human beings to grow beyond our limited sense of being, and to re-ignite the zest for life we may have once embraced at an earlier time in our lives.

A basic premise of our clinical approach is to look more deeply into our own personal experiences with human eros and aggression.  We appreciate that what we cannot experience and process positively, we will inevitably experience carry within ourselves negatively.

In this highly experiential workshop, we will explore:

  • The capacity of the practitioner to hold life-activating eros and life-affirming vitality within one’s mind and body.
  • How to access and bring forth, in safe and enlivening ways, erotic desire from within the client.
  • Useful ways to think about the enlivening nature of the erotic within the client.
  • The usefulness of looking deeply into the motivations of our erotic fantasies and transferences.
  • Embody eros as a source of vitality and aliveness within the self, for both the client and the practitioner.

Our explorations into the deeper and more complex parts of our humanity will take us into an enlivening dynamic tension – one that respects both our desire to reveal as well as our desire to conceal.

We will first allow our desires to live within us in an embodied way.  Then we will explore the vulnerability of expressing our desires, without attaching demands or expectations on the objects of our desire.

In this workshop, we intend to do the following:

  • Explore both the internal as well as the external resources necessary to use erotic life force to move beyond traditional resistance to change or growth, and how this applies to habitual patterns of stuck-ness, deadness and disconnection in psychotherapeutic processes.
  • Look more purposefully into the inevitability of confronting anxieties that arise when we approach potentially meaningful and renewing encounters with embodied eros in clinical work, both within the self and with another.
  • Learn effective ways to challenge ego-syntonic and long-established character traits that constrict our life force, and learn to let go of what no longer serves our vitality.
  • Understand the differences between life-creating and life-consuming eros, and have opportunities to explore these differences in encounters with other workshop participants.
  • Develop our capacity to receive and contain erotic desires coming from our clients.We do this by working with ‘against-ness’ as an enlivening function.
  • Explore the clinical functions of life-giving and empowering erotic fantasies; then contrasting these with more defensive, destructive and regressive fantasies – especially regarding sexuality while learning how to move from the destructive to the creative.

Workshop Location:

Source Creations

Veerlaan 21
The Netherlands

Registration and Contact:

Anne-Marie Delfgaauw



Mechi Conde



330€ if paid before May 1st
(350 € after May 1st)

Participants need to pay a 150  deposit to reserve your place in this workshop.

  • NOTE –  Current PSEN students qualify for a 30% workshop fee reduction.
    Former PSEN students  qualify for a 15% workshop fee reduction.

(Early enrollment discount does not apply to PSEN students.)


Workshop participants will practice mindfulness and conscious embodiment, energizing the life-giving, dynamic tension we experience between states of stability and disturbance.

Workshop participants will gain more clarity about what is ‘worth the struggle’ when it comes to our deepest desires, and better discern when struggles are simply distractions and avoidances from the effort needed to bring ourselves more fully alive.

About Our Embodied Depth Work

Throughout this particular workshop, participants will be introduced to various methodologies of PsychoEnergetics, our uniquely crafted body-mind approach to process work and depth facilitation.

  • PSEN depth work is designed to engage practitioners in the depths of their psychic orientations through lived experiences in the body.
  • We deepen through embodiment – through experiential exercises, mindfulness meditations, ‘presencing’ practices, and depth facilitation sessions.
  • We provide ways to work directly with the body self of another, and explore ways to intervene on the constraining nature of our limiting beliefs in the psyche.
  • Most importantly, practitioners are provided with opportunities to develop a sense of their own ’embodied mindfulness’ as a healing presence.


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