Embodied Presence –

Bringing Aliveness & Depth To The Body

A PsychoEnergetics Approach

A Two-Day Workshop in Lisbon, Portugal

June 20th & 21st, 2020

Presented by Joana Carvalho

PsychoEnergetics Training Faculty Member
Assisted by Margarida Santos

Our explorations into the deeper and more complex parts of our humanity will take us into an enlivening process by deepening into bodily sensations and by sensing a dynamic tension in the body – a process that balances finding safety with exploring new territories that enhance one’s felt sense of presence.



Workshop Summary


We will enliven our work by focusing on the following PSEN Process Teachings: 




This workshop is for professional practitioners and therapists from various healing modalities.

We also accept applicants with a sincere interest in furthering their own personal development.



“Embodiment is the foundation for all worthwhile pursuits. It is the ground within which the conscious self is both formed and transformed.






 What you cannot experience

positively in your body,

You will inevitably experience

negatively in your mind.




PsychoEnergetics is a multidisciplinary, body-mind approach to understanding and applying depth psychology to a particular style of process facilitation.

We place a strong emphasis on addressing the underlying and more subtle dynamics, patterns, tendencies and happenings taking place within an individual, and also between individuals, in order to facilitate change and growth.

In this highly experiential workshop, we will explore in depth our fundamental need as human beings to grow beyond our limited sense of being, and regain or renew the enthusiasm for being alive that we fully embodied earlier in our lives – or perhaps have never embodied before.

We will explore our relationship with our own bodily sensations as a way of being more alive; and we will explore as well both our desire and resistance to fully embody ourselves; and we will practice how we can bring ourselves to others in new ways.


In this workshop, we will embrace PSEN’s Core Values of Embodiment, Mindfulness, Present Moment Experience & Relatedness to practice:   

  • Experiencing groundedness as essential for having authentic relations with the self and with others.
  • Our basic capacity to be supported by the earth and by our own bodies, to better tolerate emotional expression and energetic intensity.
  • Allowing life force to run through us, and enliven places in us that have been numbed or deadened.
  • Moving our bodies more vigorously, making use of the presence of embodied others, and allowing ourselves to be both disturbed and enlivened by this type of movement.



This workshop is being offered as an experience of deepening by itself; however, it also will serve as an introduction to a series of three Depth Work Weekends that will begin starting in October 2020.


During this upcoming year of three weekends – we will use the theme of Deepening The Solid Ground of Being.


We will work over the course of the year with the following:

  • The issues of incarnation and safety.  
  • The embodied experience of solidity as support.
  • The exploration of a more deeply felt sense of grounding through the body.

We will provide enough safety to all participants to feel supported, so they can take the necessary risks that get them out of the habitual patterns in their way of relating, so to better learn and grow as practitioners.

Workshop Location:


Torre D´Aguilha
Estrada Mata da Torre,
São Domingos de Rana 2785-599



Registration and Contact:

Joana Carvalho




(120€ if paid before June 15th)

Participants need to pay a 60  deposit to reserve your place in this workshop.

  • NOTE –  Current PSEN students qualify for a 20% workshop fee reduction.
    Former PSEN students  qualify for a 15% workshop fee reduction.

(Early enrollment discount does not apply to PSEN students.)


This workshop is for practitioners and therapists of various body and mind healing modalities.  It is also appropriate for anyone interested in deepening their own personal awareness of their presence, and those who wish to connect with others in a more embodied way in our daily lives.

For detailed information about the PsychoEnergetics Training Program visit our website: www.psentraining.com

About PSEN Embodied Depth Work

  • PSEN depth work is designed to engage practitioners in the depths of their psychic orientations through lived experiences in the body.
  • We deepen through embodiment – through experiential exercises, mindfulness meditations, ‘presencing’ practices, and depth facilitation sessions.
  • We provide ways to work directly with the body self of another, and explore ways to intervene on the constraining nature of our limiting beliefs in the psyche.
  • Most importantly, practitioners are provided with opportunities to develop a sense of their own ’embodied mindfulness’ as a healing presence.


Joana Carvalho

Joana started working with groups as a yoga teacher 20 years ago.

Her passion for deepening lead her to study body-mind oriented therapy, including healing work and transpersonal work.

She is a PsychoEnergetics Practitioner and a Psychotherapist. She has a private practice in Lisbon where she works individually and with groups.

Joana is a Faculty Member in the PSEN Training in Spain and a Supervisor/Trainer in AlmaSoma Transpersonal Institute in Lisbon.

Margarida Santos

Margarida is graduated in Zootechnical Engineering and worked in Hygiene and Food Safety until 2006.

Since then, she follows her longing for (re)connection, embracing her process of conscientious, formative and professional development.

She is now a Psychoenergetics Therapist, Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Supervisor /Trainer at AlmaSoma Transpersonal Institute.