PsychoEnergetics Training

  • Hotel Eden Roc
    Site of the PSEN Training in Spain

Training Groups

General Information on our Training Groups in the US and Europe

We have professional training groups where we teach our training practitioners methods to facilitate depth work and personal process facilitation within their various professional practices.

Our United States and European Training Groups each consist of 40-45 students.  All training content and teaching is provided by Michael Mervosh and Irene Tobler, in all four training years.

They are assisted with facilitation and organization by Josef Beraha and Jimena Galfaso in the United States.  They are assisted with facilitation, translation, organization and facilitation by Muriel Moreno and Josef Beraha, along with interns Anne Rodriguez and Joana Carvalo in Spain.

Facts About PSEN Training

  • The trainee/teacher ratio is on average 11 to 1.
  • The training commitment is for four years.
  • The year consists of three 5 day training weeks.
  • Trainees must have prior professional experience with personal development work.


PSEN Training Resources

  • Trainees will build ongoing connections with fellow learners.
  • PSEN provides a private online resource base for trainees.
  • PSEN provides a monthly online community learning session during the training year.
  • PSEN provides a logistical and technical support help on a private website for trainees.


Information Regarding New Enrollments For Our Training Groups 

We use a circular learning model for our training, which allows us to accept a certain percentage of new trainees in our training annually.

We prefer that our  trainees have prior experience and training in either psychotherapy, body-oriented work, or energy work.

Our incoming trainees meet as a small group with PSEN faculty prior to the start of the first week of the training.  Two training preparation days are added to the start of the first training week. Our new trainees are then integrated into our existing group on the official starting day of the training year for all trainees.

This circular enrollment gives our new PSEN trainees the opportunity to be immersed in the flow and energy of an ongoing seasoned learning group.  In our experience, this enhances the degree and depth of learning for our new trainees, and brings as well a new energy and enthusiasm to the existing group.

Each training year is centered around a specific theme and learning purpose.  In order to complete the training, the trainees are required to participate in all four training modules, over the course of four years.

To be accepted in the training, and also to respect the cohesiveness and integrity of the training group and training process, the new trainee must make a minimum commitment for one full year of training at a time.

Please contact Jimena Galfaso at if you would like to be considered for our upcoming training year in the United States, and Verónica Lassus at to be considered for our next training year in Spain.