PsychoEnergetics Training

  • Our PSEN Mission Statement

The PsychoEnergetics Mission

​Our mission is to awaken and develop human consciousness

through mindfulness and embodiment practices.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We do this through supportive and dynamic adult learning communities, where we teach depth work and process facilitation.

​It is our intention to use this awakening of consciousness to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives, and to be of better service to the world around us.   

The purpose of our depth work is to access a deep vitality and inner knowing that lies withing our psyche and body.

We strive to embody this conscious awareness through an embodied presence, and through the practice of sustained attention​​ to ​the uniquely lived interior experiences we encounter as human beings.​

Our work supports the notion of a ‘global mind change’; we see ourselves as participants in the global evolution that is presently taking place in human consciousness.

“Becoming an embodied and mindful presence.”