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Solidity and Containment Year

Working With Solid Ground of Being to Provide Process Containment

In this year of our training, we work with the issues of incarnation and safety.  These​ issues that are rooted in the first chakra. We work with structure and solidity and a deep sense of grounding.

We recognize the need for grounding as essential if we want to be present, both in our own lives, as well as with others.  We practice repetitiously our basic capacity to be supported by the earth as well as the lower half of our body, in order to tolerate emotional expression and energetic intensity.

We address the developmental tasks and central issues of the schizoid character structure, including the schizoid terror to experience one’s own vitality through the life force energy in the body.  We learn how to identify with our bodily experiences as our real self.

We address this particular aspect of our emotional body – the anatomy of fear, and learning the healing tasks for this potentially overwhelming emotional state.

We address the challenges of completing one’s birth, and work through unresolved birthing traumas and incomplete birthing experiences through breathwork.

We practice embodiment through movement and through the practice of mindfulness with bodily sensations, as a way to explore the related and often unconscious emotional content.

We introduce the psychological functions of support and challenge, and address the ways we tend to resist both support and challenge as we wrestle with our development.

We help students to see the connection between support and our basic ground of our being (‘I am’ consciousness), as well as the link between challenge and our becoming (‘I can’ consciousness).

We introduce working with touch, as a way to help our clients deepen in their own embodiment.   We practice using touch as both a support and a challenge function.

Along with touch, we also use breath, intention, attention and movement to deepen contact with the self.

We work with the elemental force of the earth, and relate to the earth frequency as a living presence underneath us, and within us.


 “Becoming an embodied and mindful presence.”