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  • Our Process Facilitation Method

Our Process Facilitation Method

Facilitation is both a cultivated art as well as an acquired skill that our practitioners develop. It  requires more following rather than leading a client in any particular direction.  It is more like providing navigation for the driver, the one who is responsible for steering the direction for the vehicle.

—Process facilitation creates both the necessary containment as well as the necessary space for something to happen in.  This is much more often our focus rather than being concerned about any particular direction that we feel a session needs to go.

However, this following and tracking of what is happening for our client is not a passive state of being. Our practitioners learn to provide an active and engaged presence for what is taking place (or not yet taking place).  They engage their own active interest, curiosity and attention that is focused in the here and now, on behalf of the client’s well-being and aliveness.

Process facilitation requires that the practitioner engages the client without any personal agenda and without needing any particular thing to happen.  This is a practice in Accepting What Is – which is a very important principle in PSEN Process Facilitation.