PsychoEnergetics Training

  • The Practitioner's Present Moment Experience

Practitioner’s Presence

Nothing real is happening, unless it is happening in the present moment.

 Through our various embodiment and mindfulness practices, PSEN trainees develop and strengthen their ability to orient towards the immediacy of present moment experience, rather than getting pulled into their own (or their client’s) mental thinking or abstract ideas.  They come to realize that anything that changes can only actually take place within the parameters of a lived present moment experience, and not in some as yet unlived future moment.

 PSEN trainees learn to address their clients’ issues in the concrete reality of their unfolding present moment experience.  They do so by paying attention to the immediacy of what is being spoken and feeling the substance of a specific lived reality, through the filter of their own embodiment.

As PSEN trainees learn to move away from their stories rooted in the past, they learn to encourage bringing forth whatever is alive within the client, and addressing whatever produces a lack of vitality in the sessions.

This radical anchoring in the substantial-ness of a present moment experience allows our trainees to become aware of and to give active attention to unconscious and unprocessed early life experiences of the client.  They learn to track and bring forth these unfinished parts of one’s past  as they come alive to the remembrances in their bodies, their emotions, and their minds.

This process of “staying with what has life by staying in the moment” fosters a deeper body/mind integration and a felt sense of wholeness happening in the here and now.

By working through their own process in this way, PSEN trainees fine-tune their bodies a vibrational instruments, which enables them to attune to their clients’ unconscious expressions that live embedded in their bodies and the deeper recesses of their psyches, which supports their emergence in present moment experience.

In summary – through their own rootedness in embodiment, and through their mindful presence to the unfolding ‘here and now’ present moment experience, PSEN trainees help their clients find a place of safety and connectedness to what is most real and meaningful in their body-minds.

Our trainees repeatedly encounter the dynamic, enlivening, ever changing nature of present moment experience, and through these encounters, they develop a tolerance for the uncertainty and the unpredictability of the eternal dance of co-creation, as it takes place within themselves and within their clients.