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Poetry and Prose

 Prose That Support Our PsychoEnergetic Work 

“Attending to the meeting point between our inner and outer worlds is the chief office of depth psychology, the mystical tradition of the world religions, and the daily task of each of us.  From this meeting point, creative energies arise, revelation appears, and each of us is initiated into a larger, developmental spirituality.”

James Hollis, Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life

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Keep The Channel Open – by Martha Graham

On Dialogue – by David Bohm

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Poetry That Supports Our PsychoEnergetic Work 

Poetry allows us to see with new eyes, to get fresh glimpses of inspiration and insight into the world of our own inner depths.  Through the poetic encounter, we learn to be surprised in a way that engages our interiors that are being reflected everywhere in this tangible, beauty-filled world.

Against Certainty


For Someone Awakening To The Trauma of His or Her Past

Nothing But Water In The Holy Pools

One Source of Bad Information

Suppose That What You Feared Could Be Trapped and Held in Paris

The Chickpea

The Well of Grief

This Human Being Is A Guest House

When Someone Listens Deeply To You