PsychoEnergetics Training

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    Holding an Energy Dance Posture
    Sant Felui de Guixols, Spain

Openness, Surrender & Mystery Year

Working with Space, Creating Openings, and Letting Go into Something Larger in Process Facilitation

In this year of training, we address the issues represented in the fourth chakra and the element of air.  We work with the issues concerned with the heart, such as self-acceptance and acceptance of others, compassion and relatedness.

We work with the anatomy of grief and loss, and the pervasiveness and vulnerability of self-rejection, and how it leads us to the rejection of others, and eventually, of the world around us.

We address the issues of the psychopathic character structure. We learn how to move towards differentiation, individuation and autonomous states of being without needing to escalate or inflate ourselves, or to engage in contentious, right/wrong or good/bad representations of reality.  We need to hold more complex, no contest states of being when dealing with differences and conflicts.

We deepen our practice of embodiment, bringing special attention to the technology of breath as prana or life energy being exchanged, such as taught in the Hatha yoga tradition and learn how to use breath effectively in a session with clients.

We keep deepening the practice of mindfulness, paying special attention to the challenging matter of impermanence, and the changing nature of everything.

We look to shift our internal experiences of emptiness from a life-negating space of lacking, to a life-enhancing space of opening, readiness and vastness.

We work with cultivating spaciousness on the most fundamental levels of awareness, such as with the space between the in-breath and the out-breath: in the space between words; and eventually, in the space between two thoughts. We learn to bring this spaciousness into our psychoenergetic sessions with others.

We work with the elemental force of air, and practice opening to the vastness and space within the natural world around us.  We practice joining with the transforming energy nature of spaciousness as a living presence around us, and within us.

“Becoming an embodied and mindful presence.”