PsychoEnergetics Training

  • Our PSEN Training Environment

Furthering Fluidity & Flow – Our PSEN Training Environment

Our Training Space

Lighthouse Group Space

Our training space was designed and constructed specifically to support the type of in-depth training with personal depth work that we provide; in this way, our training environment is a perfect match for our training group integration as well as our training group size.

We use “Lighthouse“, the circular training space seen above, for all of our training needs – from morning exercise and yoga, day-long training in small groups and dyads, and for large group evening gatherings.

Our Training Grounds

We are blessed with a tremendous amount of privacy provided by the property and surrounding forests and river, which offers tranquility and beauty of nature.  We are also tremendously supported by the Sevenoaks Retreat Center staff, who appreciates our work and our presence on their land.


Meditation Yurt at Sevenoaks

Lighthouse from side 2

Other Views of Our Training Grounds

Holly House 4 1900x638

Blue Ridge Mountains Autumn


Sevenoaks Retreat Center


Our First PSEN US Training Group Celebrating Their Four Year Completion

PSEN US Training Group 2013-14 1366 x 597