PsychoEnergetics Training

  • Movement of the Wave Against the Rocks
    Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain

Fluidity and Flow Year

Working with Movement to Cultivate Flexibility, Fluidity and Flow in Process Facilitation

In this year of training we embrace the nature of flow, the fluidity of movement in the body, and the fluid nature of reality, as it is present within the psycho-physical aspects of the second chakra.

We address the realm of emotions and sexuality and learn to embrace change.  In this way, we shift from survival to pleasure, and from safety to enlivenment.  As we do, we address the various ways we defend and restrict life flow and pleasurable sensation in our bodies.

We also address the issues of the oral character structure and our relationship to our true needs, which must be met in order for us to move beyond basic survival.  We address our deep-seated resistances to reaching out, taking hold of, and having for ourselves the essential support that we need.

We work with the emotional anatomy of desire and disappointment.  We explore how these two emotional fields are affected by one another, and can cause us to diminish our life force energy as a way of avoiding each of these feelings.

We also address the unconscious of the psyche, and take up the important work with reclaiming and re-identifying with shadow aspects of the self,  instead of projecting them upon others, and reacting to them, as a result.  We move from polarizing ‘either-or’ thinking, to embrace duality.

We practice shifting our awareness to a both-and state of mind, creating a paradigm shift in consciousness.

We deepen the practice of mindfulness and embodiment to address the areas in the body and psyche where flow is inhibited or restricted.

We open to soul consciousness through communal shamanic journeying and guided soul meditations.  We explore longing on a soul level, as a way of uncovering our soul’s calling, and recommitting to what we truly love most.

We work with the elemental force of water, and relate to the fluid-like energy nature of water as a living presence around us, and within us.

Moving From Solid Ground to Fluid Movement

“Becoming an embodied and mindful presence.”