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  • Working With Energetic Processes
    PSEN Workshop - Lisbon, Portugal

Energetic Processes

In our PSEN work, we reference our understanding of energy as movement.  Energetic movement can be subtle or intangible, and it can be more pronounced or tangible.  Movement is an essential part of every form of aliveness, from the simplicity of microscopic bacteria to the complexity of human life.

Movement is essential for a living organism’s survival.  It is what allows a living being to find nourishment as well as seek protection, which sustains a certain balance or homeostasis.

There are essentially two types of movement happening for all of life’s diverse organisms.  We are either moving towards something or we are moving away from something, depending on our perception of our environment. This is also true for the living cells in our complex body systems.

Movement, or flow, provides us with a sense of aliveness in our bodies as well as in our minds.  Through movement, we find ways to open to life more fully, and to receive the nourishment we require. The movement of the flow of energy in and through the body opens and connects us to our ability to feel.

As humans we have refined our ability to restrict movement and flow, as a way of protecting us from experiencing the aliveness of our feelings, which we may have experienced as intolerable in our early childhood lives.

Energetic processes invite us to attend to our body’s need to open to what was once intolerable.  We learn to do so in ways that allow us to enter an experience that feels safe, do-able, digestible or process-able, and through which a new outcome can take place.

Creating safety for the unfolding of an energetic process in one’s body can be found in the therapeutic alliance between the practitioner and client.  The PSEN practitioner develops an ability to attend to the client’s energetic body process, as well as her/his own internal process.

The PSEN practitioner learns to pay attention to the energetic constrictions that limit movement in the client’s body, and comes to understand these limitations both creatively and compassionately. They do this by attending to what is naturally occurring for the client’s way of orienting to life, and begins to create opportunities for changing by slowing down the process.

In each of the four years of training, we explore various ways of working with the flow or constriction of energy in and through the body, depending on the overall theme for the year.  We provide our trainees with a set of tools essential for assisting an unfolding creative process in and through the body.

The different tools that our trainees will receive come from a wide range of embodiment methodologies, and have been adapted to the needs of process facilitation training.  These include Bio-Energetic exercises, Sequencing through the body as taught in Body-Mind Psychotherapy, breath-work, and through an understanding of the Hindu chakra system.