PsychoEnergetics Training

  • Working With Developmental Processes
    Sant Felui de Guixols, Spain

Developmental Processes

This teaching segment addresses the primary developmental issues we have to address as we grow and evolve over the course of our lifespan.  Certain essential themes and issues are revisited as we face the inevitable opportunities and challenges to grow into more complex, aware and responsive human beings.

In our training, participants gain an understanding of issues and themes related to the certain character types that are prevalent in our culture.  Character types are an imperfect and incomplete “map” of an interior territory with the psyche that is worth exploring.

Studying and appreciating certain character styles offers a wise and compassionate way of understanding the dilemmas and issues of being human, as we move along a spiritual journey.   These ‘maps of the interior’ provides us with a useful method of understanding various individual’s orientation towards life and towards others, and allows us to effectively assist those individuals with their own development and interactions with others.

We study a particular character structure throughout the course of an entire training year, to allow our trainees to develop both a depth of understanding and sense of competency in addressing the central themes and issues for each character type.

We want our trainees to have the ability to recognize when they are working with a particular character type, and have a sense of confidence in being able to intervene and assist an client in working with and through the important learning opportunities that are relevant to a meaningful and productive life.

In our training, we will focus on Schizoid, Oral, Psychopathic, and Masochistic character types.  Additional character explorations may be addressed in our occasionally offered PSEN workshops, such as the Rigid and the Hysteric character types.