PsychoEnergetics Training

  • Our Style of Depth Work

Our Style of Depth Work

In our PSEN training, we place a strong emphasis on addressing the underlying and intangible dynamics, patterns, tendencies and happenings that take place within the individual, and between individuals.  We use both our intention and attention to go below the surface of what is happening in any here and now experience of the moment.  

We look to explore the deeper unfolding of sensations and feelings, as well as the flowing currents of subtle energies that lie underneath the specific content of what is being thought, and what is actually being spoken.— We give our attention to the background and not just to the foreground of what is being felt, spoken and experienced.

The ability to engage depth work requires developing a certain capacity to hold curiosity and interest in what is not-yet-clear or not-yet-known within the deeper interior of our clients.

Like going deeper into the waters of the sea, we need to drop down deeper than we usually go, and look further than we might typically look, to discover what is lying in wait for our attention, interest and energy.